System update
6 October 2017

A further release of the Get information about schools system is now available. You do not need to take any actions for these improvements to take effect.

Our previous release fixed a number of known issues and some problems affecting specific users. Since then we have been working on enhancements to the way the service works and we have based these improvements on the user feedback that we have received. These enhancements include:

  • Search functionality:
    • results can now be shown on a map
    • removal of the ‘Pre LGR’ local authority which will make it easier to search for establishments by local authority
    • search filters are now listed alphabetically
  • Downloads:
    • An increase in the number of files that can be downloaded in both .cvs and .xls formats
    • Single group details can now be downloaded
  • Improvements for internal users

Please continue to send us general feedback about the site by using the link at the top of the page. This allows us to identify trends and supports our prioritisation of service improvements.

If you need help to complete a task, please use our guidance pages. If you can’t complete a task, contact our helpdesk using this form.

For issues with passwords or logging on to Secure Access please see this help page.

System update
29 September 2017

An updated version of Get information about schools is now available. You do not need to take any action for these improvements to take effect.

This release contains a number of service improvements to address functionality and usability issues including:

  • Postcode search
  • Governor details – both viewing and editing records
  • Establishment filters
  • Login problems

This release will also address specific issues experienced by some GIAS users.

If you encounter any problems while using the site please refer to the guidance in the first instance. If this does not resolve your query then please contact our helpdesk using this form.

You can continue to provide us with general feedback via the link at the top of the page.

Progress update
18 September 2017

Get information about schools is now available for all users. All data that was in EduBase at 5pm on Friday 15th September has been migrated to the new service.

Users can view the majority of information available in the service without a password. If you previously had a password to access EduBase, use the same login details (via Secure Access) to access the service and make changes.

We will continue to review the service and to deliver further improvements. Details of some of the areas that we have already committed to are included in the development update. You can contribute to this work by continuing to send us feedback via the link at the top of the page.

If you need support, guidance material is available here. If you can’t find what you need, contact our Helpdesk by completing the Data Collections Service Request form

Progress update
30 August 2017

We will launch Get information about schools on Monday 18 September. This service will become the primary source of school data from that point replacing the current EduBase system.

In preparation for this launch, users should stop making updates to EduBase from 5pm on Friday 15 September as the database will be frozen and data transferred to the new service. All existing credentials (managed through Secure Access) will continue to be valid once the new service is live and will provide the same privileges as they currently do. The feedback we have received so far on the test version is proving useful and we encourage users to continue to complete targeted test scripts or provide feedback via the general ‘feedback’ link.

We have released a further and final version of the test system that allows users to update shared governor information. Following the launch of Get information about schools, we will look to deliver further enhancements and functional improvements – a list of those that we have committed to so far is available here.

Progress update
14 August 2017

Many thanks to those of you who continue to provide feedback through the general ‘feedback’ link and respond to our targeted test scripts. If you haven’t given feedback yet, you still have a few weeks before we switch off Edubase2 and make ‘Get information about schools’ the primary source for establishment data. We’ll let you know the exact timing of this shortly, so please continue to check this news page for further updates.

We have released a further update to the system that includes general service improvements as well as enhancements to the download functionality and ‘Create new federation’, ‘Create new school trusts’ and ‘Create new sponsors’ tools. We are continuing to develop shared governance and other functionality. An updated list of the areas being worked on is here; we’re not looking for feedback on these areas at this time.

Progress update
28 July 2017

Thank you to those users that have provided us with feedback whether this has been through our targeted test scripts or through the general ‘feedback’ link displayed on the site. Testing continues and whilst we are unable to respond individually, we welcome further feedback. If you have been sent a test script it would help us if you complete this as soon as possible after you receive it.

We have released an update to the system that includes a number of service improvements such as the relaxation of certain obfuscation rules and improvements to response times. Some issues remain around shared governance in particular and we continue to work on fixes for these. An updated list of the areas with known issues is here; feedback on these areas is not needed at this time.

Initial release
17 July 2017

We need your help to test the system and provide feedback. You can click on the ‘feedback’ link at the top of each page. Use this to tell us what you were trying to do and any difficulties such as errors or missing functionality you encountered.

Key stakeholders who have already been helping us to develop the new service will shortly receive test scripts. These scripts will detail specific tasks to be completed and should be used to ensure the new service meets your needs. We’ll send specific messages including log-on credentials to those of you selected in the coming days and weeks.

We can’t respond to all feedback but we’ll add updates to this news page during the familiarisation period.

Development of the system will continue during the familiarisation period and you’ll also see the release of additional functionality. We’ll also add information about this extra functionality and details of the full release to this news page when available.

Some aspects of the Get information about schools service include known issues that continue to be developed in advance of the full release. A list of the areas with known issues is shown below and we will update this list as functionality increases. Feedback on these areas is not needed at this time.

About the Get information about schools service

Welcome to the Get information about schools service.

This service replaces the previous EduBase system. You can use it to find details about schools, children’s centres, academy trusts and sponsors, and school federations in England. Some information about Welsh establishments is also available.

Establishments can also update their records using this service.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated. The Open Government Licence does not cover personal information as defined in data protection legislation. Any personal information that is processed further by any organisation for other purposes will be subject to the terms of data protection legislation.

Development update

Areas under development