System update 15 February 2024

An updated version of the Get Information about Schools (GIAS) service has been released to all users. You do not need to take any specific action unless otherwise indicated below.

This release includes the following improvements:

  • bug fixes and fine-tuning to improve the overall user experience, including:
    • 189702 – bug fix on the validation error message for secure single-academy trust (SSAT) when adding a member individual or member organisation
    • 31309 – bug fix to ensure change request rejection reason is going through to users
    • 188944 – fix to display the unique property reference number (UPRN) field on the establishment location tab user interface to all users. This field is already displayed in extracts.
    • 189352 – allow other independent special school users and DfE staff to select from a number of options on the official sixth form field
    • 181747 – fix to allow the deleted field to be set correctly in the database for deleted governance records

Further information

1. Office for National Statistics (ONS) updates

The update to the geo spatial fields that are updated from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) quarterly was undertaken.

There will be another update shortly and we will let users know once this work is completed.

2. Establishment users – email addresses

The main establishment email address field and the alternative establishment email address field (if applicable) must contain an up-to-date, valid, and actively monitored email address. There should be no personal establishment email address or personal email address added to these fields.

The headteacher email address field must contain an up-to-date, valid, and actively monitored work email address for the headteacher/principal/manager (as applicable).

Kind regards

GIAS support team