Establishment bulk update guidance


The bulk update tool allows you to make many updates in a single batch instead of editing individual establishment records. Multiple column files must be XLSX and bulk upload files can be XLSX or tab delimited text files.

If there’s an error in your data, we’ll send you a message to correct it. If your changes need approval, you’ll get a second message to say your change is either approved or declined.

If there’s an error in your data, we’ll send you a message to correct it.

If your changes need approval, you’ll get a second message to say your change is either approved or declined.

Bulk update steps

You have to complete 3 steps to make changes via bulk update:

  • Create the file
  • Upload the file
  • Correct any errors

Please use a file size smaller than 1MB. There are also limits of:

  • 5,000 rows per file for back office users
  • 1,000 rows per file for EFADO, SFC and DDCE users
  • 200 rows per file for establishment and MAT users

If your data exceeds these limits, split it into two or more files and upload them separately.

Multiple column files must be XLSX and bulk upload files can be XLSX or tab delimited text files

Create the file

  • Bulk upload

    You can use a spreadsheet editor (like Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc) to create the file to be uploaded.

    The file should contain 3 columns and as many rows as the changes you want to suggest with each row representing a change request:

    • The first column contains the establishment URN.
    • The second column contains the database name of the field you want to change. See the appendix to identify the name of the field(s) to change.
    • The third column contains the new value you want this field to have. Please note:
      • For free text fields you can add any value you want
      • For date fields you should provide the date in DD/MM/YYYY format
      • For lookup fields you can add either the descriptor of the value or the code. See appendix.

    Leaving a cell of the third column blank deletes the value of the field. You don't need to add any headers or footers to your file.

    example spreadsheet populated with Establishment URN in column A, Field name from appendix in column B, New data in column C
  • Multiple column file

    If you want to edit the same fields for several different schools, create a multiple column file. You can only use XLSX files.

    You can use a spreadsheet editor (like Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc) to create the file to be uploaded.

    The file should contain headed short name columns and as many rows as the changes you want to suggest with each row representing an establishment.

    example multi-column spreadsheet populated with Establishment URN in column A, Head First Name in column B, Head Last Name in column C for multiple URNs, one on each line
  • Save the file

    Bulk upload files can be XLSX or tab delimited text files.

    To create an XSLX file, save the file as ‘Excel Workbook’.

    example of the dropdown choices to select when saving the spreadsheet, with Excel Workbook selected

Upload the file

Having created the file, you can upload it. First, sign in to the app and visit the 'Bulk update establishments' page under the ‘Tools’ menu.

Click on 'Choose file' (see below). You will be presented with a browsing window that allows you to find and select the file you created in the first step. Select the file and click 'Open'.

You can then select the format of the file that you are uploading. Click on the drop-down list under the ‘Select file type’ option.

You can also select the date for the changes. If you select a date in the future, the changes will be applied on this date (if approved).

If you leave the date blank, the changes will be applied immediately (if approved) or as soon as they get approved by the appropriate data owner.

Finally, if you select a date in the past the changes will be applied immediately (if approved), or as soon as they get approved, but they will show as being effective from this date in the past.

view of the search establishment bulk update page

To start your bulk upload click ‘Submit’.


We’ll send you an email if there’s an error when you upload a file. Errors can include:

  • the file is not in the correct format
  • you’re not allowed to change some fields
  • you didn’t select a file type
  • some of the field names or values you used were not correct.

Correct any errors and resubmit the file to complete your changes.

Further assistance

If you have any issues when uploading a file, please contact our Service Desk (opens in new tab)


Database name (use this for your upload file) Equivalent field name in app
EstablishmentName School / College Name
Street Street
Locality Locality
Address3 Address3
Town Town
County (name) County (name)
Postcode Postcode
LA (name) Local authority
HeadTitle (name) Headteacher/Principal title
HeadFirstName Headteacher/Principal first name
HeadLastName Headteacher/Principal last name
HeadAppointmentDate Headteacher date of appointment
HeadEmail Headteacher/Principal email address
StatutoryLowAge Age range Low
StatutoryHighAge Age range High
PhaseOfEducation (name) Phase of education
TypeOfEstablishment (name) Establishment type
FurtherEducationType (name) Further education type
Trusts (name) Academy trust or Trust
SchoolSponsors (name) Academy sponsor
Federations (name) Federation
Gender (name) Gender of entry
LA (code) LA code
EstablishmentNumber Establishment Number
UKPRN UK provider reference number (UKPRN)
EstablishmentStatus (name) Establishment status
AdmissionsPolicy (name) Admissons policy
SchoolWebsite Website
TelephoneNum Telephone
OfstedRating Ofsted rating
OfstedLastInspection Ofsted last inspection
Osted report link Ofsted report link
Inspectorate Inspectorate
Proprietor's name Proprietor's name
ReligiousCharacter (name) Religious character
Diocese (name) Diocese
ReligiousEthos (name) Religious ethos
Boarders (name) Boarders
NurseryProvision (name) Nursery provision
OfficialSixthForm (name) Official sixth form
SchoolCapacity School capacity
Section 41 Approved Section 41 approved
OpenDate Open date
ReasonEstablishmentOpened (name) Reason establishment opened
CloseDate Close date
ReasonEstablishmentClosed (name) Reason establishment closed
CCOperationalHours Operational hours
CCNumberOfUnder5s Number of under 5s
CCGovernance Governance
CCGovernanceDetail Governance detail
CCLAContactName Local authority contact name
CCLAContactEmail Local authority contact email
CCLAContactLAPhone Local authority contact telephone number
ChildrensCentresGroupFlag Delivery model
ChildrensCentresGroup (name) Group/Collaboration name
CCGroupLead (name) Group lead centre
ChildrensCentresPhaseType (name) Phase
CCDisadvantagedArea (name) Disadvantaged area
CCDirectProvisionOfEarlyYears (name) Direct provision of early years
SpecialClasses (name) Special classes
SENStat Number of Special Pupils Under a SEN Statement/EHCP
SENNoStat Number of Special Pupils Not Under a SEN Statement/EHCP
MainEmail Email address
AlternativeEmail Alternative email address
LastChangedDate Last Changed Date
SEN1 Type of SEN provision
TeenMoth Teenage mothers provision
TeenMothPlaces Teenage mothers capacity
CCF Childcare facilities provision
SENPRU SEN facilities
EBD Pupils with EBD
PlacesPRU Number of places
FTProv Full time provision
EdByOther Pupils educated by other providers
TypeOfResourcedProvision Type of resourced provision
ResourcedProvisionOnRoll Resourced provision number on roll
ResourcedProvisionCapacity Resourced provision capacity
SenUnitOnRoll SEN unit number on roll
SenUnitCapacity SEN unit capacity
InspectorateName Inspectorate Name
InspectorateReport Inspectorate Report
DateOfLastInspectionVisit Date of Last Inspection Visit
NextInspectionVisit Next Inspection Visit
RSCRegion RSC Region
GOR Government Office Region
DistrictAdministrative District
AdministrativeWard Ward
ParliamentaryConstituency Parliamentary Constituency
UrbanRural Urban/Rural Description
Easting Easting
Northing Northing
CensusAreaStatisticWard Census Ward
MSOA Middle Super Output Area (MSOA)
LSOA Lower Super Output Area (LSOA)
Notes Notes
DateofLastFullBridgeInspection Date of the Last Bridge Visit
DateofLastFullOfstedInspection Date of the Last Ofsted Visit
DateofLastFullISIInspection Date of the Last ISI Visit
DateofLastFullWelfareInspection Date of the Last Welfare Visit
DateofLastFPVisit Date of the Last FP Visit
DateofLastFullSISInspection Date of the Last SIS Visit
DateNextFullInspection Date Next Full Inspection Due
ActionGEN Next General Action Required
ActionWEL Next Action Required by WEL
ActionFP Next Action Required by FP
Inspectorate Inspectorate
IndependentSchoolType Independent School Type
CharityName Charity Organisation
CharityNum Charity Registration Number
TotalPupilsFullTime Total number of full time pupils
TotalPupilsPartTime Total number of part time pupils
CompSchoolAge Total number of pupils of compulsory school age
SENStat Number of special pupils under a SEN statement/EHCP
SENNoStat Number of special pupils not under a SEN statement/EHCP
TotalPupilsInPublicCare Total Number of Pupils in Public Care
PTBoys2andUnder PT Boys (Aged 2 and Under):
PTBoys3 PT Boys (Aged 3):
PTBoys4a PT Boys (Aged 4a):
PTBoys4b PT Boys (Aged 4b):
PTBoys4c PT Boys (Aged 4c):
TotalBoyBoarders Total number of boys in boarding schools
PTGirls2andUnder PT Girls (Aged 2 and Under):
PTGirls3 PT Girls (Aged 3):
PTGirls4a PT Girls (Aged 4a):
PTGirls4b PT Girls (Aged 4b):
PTGirls4c PT Girls (Aged 4c):
TotalGirlBoarders Total number of Girls in boarding schools
TotalStaffFullTime Total Number of Full Time Staff
TotalStaffPartTime Total Number of Part Time Staff
LowDayFee Lowest Annual Rate for Day Pupils:
HighDayFee Highest Annual Rate for Day Pupils:
LowBoardFee Lowest Annual Rate for Boarding Pupils:
HighBoardFee Highest Annual Rate for Boarding Pupils:
BoardingEstablishment Boarding Establishment
PropsName Proprietor's Name:
PropsStreet Proprietor's Street:
PropsLocality Proprietor's Locality:
PropsAddress3 Proprietor's Address 3:
PropsTown Proprietor's Town:
PropsCounty Proprietor's County:
PropsPostcode Proprietor's Postcode:
PropsTelephoneNum Proprietor's Telephone Number:
PropsFaxNumber Proprietor's Fax Number:
PropsEmail Proprietor's Email:
PropsPreferredJobTitle Proprietor's Preferred Job Title:
ChairOfProprietorBodyName Chair of Proprietor's Body Name:
ChairOfProprietorBodyStreet Chair of Proprietor's Body Street:
ChairOfProprietorBodyLocality Chair of Proprietor's Body Locality:
ChairOfProprietorBodyAddress3 Chair of Proprietor's Body Address 3:
ChairOfProprietorBodyTown Chair of Proprietor's Body Town:
ChairOfProprietorBodyCounty Chair of Proprietor's Body County:
ChairOfProprietorBodyPostcode Chair of Proprietor's Body Postcode:
ChairOfProprietorBodyTelephoneNum Chair of Proprietor's Body Telephone Number:
ChairOfProprietorBodyFaxNumber Chair of Proprietor's Body Fax Number:
ChairOfProprietorBodyEmail Chair of Proprietor's Body Email:
ChairOfProprietorBodyPreferredJobTitle Chair of Proprietor's Body Preferred Job Title:
AccomChange Accomodation changed
HelpdeskNotes Helpdesk notes
LastUpdate Last update
Trigger1 Trigger 1
PreviousLA (name) Previous local authority
PreviousEstablishmentNumber Previous establishment number
AltSiteName Site 2 name
ConStreet Street
ConLocality Locality
ContactAddress3 Address 3
ConTown Town
ConCounty (name) County
ConPostcode Postcode
ConTelNumber Telephone
LinkName Establishment name
LinkType Type of link
LinkEstablishedDate Date linked
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